Kontinent Media Group offers three informational sites:


Internet newspaper “Kontinent” (kontinentusa.com)

This is a cultural-political on-line edition whose policy is based on the principles of independent journalism:

  • information about the most current and significant events in the world;
  • analytical articles from the leading political analysts, economists, sociologists and other scientific commentaries from famous publicists and social workers, as well as articles from bloggers, critics and comments from interested readers, including humor and entertainment events.

Many famous and young authors contribute to our site kontinentusa.com.

Among our contributors are also science research and sociological centers, government, cultural and religious centers from all over the world.

Tourism Site (tourimetc.com)

This is a tourism site that focuses on various aspects of tourism and tourism business. The site offers current news, educational and entertaining articles with practical advice and recommendations which help the readers in their planning of traveling and leisure.

The main informational aspects of the site:

  • Leisure and travel
  • Medicinal tourism
  • Educational tourism
  • Questions about visas, permanent residency and immigration

Tourismetc.com informs the readers about various countries and cities, flights and land travel, hotels and restaurants, resorts and sightseeing, medical questions, education about everyday life abroad, immigration, and many other tourism-related issues. In addition, we attract our readers with our photo-reports, ratings, and tourist life-hacks!


”New Kontinent” (nkontinent.com)

This is an almanac that covers art and literature. The site publishes works of various authors with different genres and styles for the most broad and demanding audience. Our editorial policy is aimed towards providing the readers with the maximum variety of literary works by authors from different countries, as well as with literary reviews and critique. “New Kontinent” publishes professional writers, as well as beginning authors.

“New Kontinent” provides informational and organizational cooperation to publishers, authors, artistic projects and various contests.

The site also offers original works of popular artists.

Kontinent 4U (kontinent.org)


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