Kontinent Media Group opens for you the access to the Russian-language market, which to this day consists of more than 5,000,000,00 people.

We conduct effective advertising campaigns through the number of our weekly printed publications distributed throughout the USA, our own on-line resources, popular groups in social media, and e-mail notifications.

For the most effective advertisement of your business we offer:


Kontinent Media Group publishes four Russian-language newspapers in America, which are distributed through more than 10 states.

Our newspapers take a leading position in terms of the numbers of printed issues and our readership. We distribute our free issues through stores and supermarkets, business offices, housing complexes, cultural establishments and entertainment centers, scholarly and religious centers.

A significant advantage of media networks is the ability to advertise in any particular region and across the US.


Distribution – FREE

The total Monthly circulation – up to 25000

The total weekly audience – 75000 people

Pages — 24 

Issues in a Month — 2

Dimensions — 11,5 х 14 inch

More information about our newspapers you can find here »



Standard Ad Unit

Standard Sizes: FULL PAGE (10.25 x 12.65 inch), 1/2 (10.25 x 6.25 inch), 1/4 (5 x 6.25 inch), 1/8 (5 x 3 inch).

Advertising blocks are placed on color or black-and-white pages. Organically combined with articles and positively perceived by readers.

Placing on color or black-and-white pages.

Native Advertising

The harmonious combination of useful and interesting articles with advertising is the best way to talk about your product or business.

More than 150 large, medium and small businesses (local and nationwide) stay with us as clients.

You can trust our designers with your ad and PR materials.

An article about your business will receive a positive assessment of our readers.


Business Cards

Advertising your business in the format of a business card.

Ads are placed in a separate section. Placing on color or black-and-white pages.

Classified Ads

The following format is better for small private advertisements. Ads are placed in a separate section.

Standard Sizes: Small (1.6 х 0.95 inch), Medium (1.6 х 2 inch), Large (3.3 х 2 inch)



We offer effective advertising campaigns through our on-line resources – websites, social media groups and e-mail correspondence.

Total amount of internet audience – 200000 people (August 2017).

More information about our internet-projets you can find here »


Internet newspaper “Kontinent” (kontinentusa.com) – a socio-political daily newspaper. Pageviews – 260.000/mo. (August 2017)


”New Kontinent” (kontinent.org) – an almanac that covers art and literature. Pageviews – 218.000/mo. (August 2017)


Tourism Site (tourimetc.com) – a tourism site that focuses on various aspects of tourism and tourism business. Pageviews – 15.000/mo. (August 2017)


More than 20 groups in social media (Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte). Total amount of members – 350000 (August 2017)


Email-newsletter. Total amount of subscribers – 6000 (August 2017)

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